11 April 2014


I had two appointments today, and I double booked them:
One was an appointment for an MRI, the other was with Jesus.

(Yep, I double booked on purpose.)

See, I'd never had an MRI done, and had no idea what to expect other than what I've seen on TV (think metal trying to pop out of someone's chest...haha!). My reason for going was not a big deal. But I did imagine being inside a long tunnel for half an hour--have I mentioned I'm claustrophobic?

I didn't ask for meds to survive that thirty minute stretch because someone suggested using the time to pray. I was delighted at the idea of uninterrupted prayer time. Seriously. Praying with four kids in the house--at any hour--is much like going to the bathroom with four kids in the house. You're likely to be interrupted by someone. Even if it's a cat who thinks it's time for a social visit or breakfast at 4am. Yes, really.

So, I braced myself for closed eyes in a tunnel for half an hour with Jesus. Instead I got a lots of noise and half of a tunnel with Jesus. (I did come away with a headache, but that was strictly the jack-hammering of the machine.)

And what I found was a sweet, intimate conversation with my Lord. We've been doing that a lot recently. Talking. Conversing, Covering the things on my heart and His. If it matters to Him, it should matter to me. And I know already that He cares about what concerns my heart.

Instead of purring in my ear, I really did have a monumental blasting sound. But it didn't want to fed or belly-rubbed and it didn't try to crawl into bed with me, so it was blessedly uninterrupted time.

I need more of that. Not MRI's, but the time with the Lord. That time to simply be in His presence. I treasure it. And so did He. I'm ready to schedule that time, make it an appointment. Preferably someplace alone. But even at home, it's worth the effort.

(ps...I do not have results from the MRI yet)

28 March 2014

on diapers

As a mom, these things matter to me. So I'll just go ahead and post about it.

My youngest child, Bitsy, is three. And no, she is not potty trained yet--she and I discuss it daily, and she will get there. I'm not afraid. My efforts to that end have been tainted the past few months as I readied for and then recovered from major surgery. For now--I seriously don't care. (True Confessions of a Mom #219.) I learned long ago to pick my battles.

A few years ago, I had to let go of my cloth diapering passion when I couldn't keep up anymore. Budget-friendly disposables with a purple box and little monkeys on front met the need instead. Other than her typical avoidance of  being changed, I've had no issue. And I've been steadily using that brand unless the store doesn't have her size in stock. Which is what happened the other day when I forgot the diaper bag while rushing out the door to my parent's.

I had to buy another brand. One with famous characters like big yellow birds, monsters who love cookies, and furry orange...um, not sure what that puppet is. But that orange dude? He's playing soccer on every single diaper. She adores that. Not sure why. (And while she may have seen that show, it's not a regular one around here--so she had to ask who all the cool colored creatures were.)

All of a sudden, Bitsy wants to get her diaper changed regularly. And I'm not allowed to pull out those purple monkey ones from the nearly-full super-sized box. Those guys don't play soccer. And aren't orange, is my guess.

I have mixed feelings--the bigger name brand costs more. But, the need to change regularly is a great awareness of the need to go (she's shown plenty of other signs, too). Maybe she'll potty train sooner if I switch over? Honestly, it's the end of the diaper line in our house, so it's hardly worth the argument either way. It's probably not a battle worth picking. Even if the purple ones do fit her body better.

Now, if you'll excuse me--we need to go put a much fresher diaper on her...

26 March 2014


My goal is to forget the contest I finaled in so I won't stress over it. Instead, I just forgot that today was Wednesday, the day the COTT article went up, about all three finalists. You know, the one I promised I'd post. Thank goodness for a friendly reminder!

Here you go:



23 March 2014


Back in December I entered one of my stories into a contest, at the last minute--Clash of the Titles: The Olympia. I frantically made sure my edits were in place and sent it off. Frenzy over, I promptly forgot all about it.

This past Friday I was reminded when I checked my email and discovered I had finaled! WHAT? Utter shock, my friends. It took re-reading some things to realize that finaling meant I was in the top three entrants. Deeper shock set in. I secretly wondered how it was possible--maybe there had been a mistake? But no email to correct that news was forthcoming, so it must have been right.

I was trying to make a birthday cake at the time. I merged two recipes, had to double the original dry ingredients, then make even halves of all that powdery stuff. The first round of measuring was wrong--I was so distracted. Focus on baking a cake? I really needed to buy one. But that wasn't an option. And my kids pick their favorite meal for their birthday dinner. That meal wasn't on a take out menu.

Thankfully, the birthday meal and dessert came out fine in the end. Now I'm just hopeful my entry comes out all right, too. But really, wherever I place, I'm thrilled to have reached this point. It's come out just fine already.

There will be an article on the COTT website Wednesday, featuring all three finalists. I'll be sure to post a link when it goes up!

09 January 2014

something new...

I know it's my day for "thankful thursday"--and I do feel thankful, but I'm just...something. Not sure how to pin point it. Perhaps it's just time for something new. I simply don't know what that is.

I've got a lot on my mind. I'm learning and considering doTerra oils right now--and loving what I see. I've spent no small amount of time this week watching videos, perusing the catalog, digging into their site, asking questions of those "in the know"--and that's just the oils. I haven't even looked at the rest too much.

For years I've wanted to know more, and used a few basic oils for things. I've made my own astringent for my face for some time now and love it. Just witch hazel and a few specific oils. I won't use anything else.

But now I'm fascinated to hear so much beyond my limited knowledge. I love discovering new, natural, healthy ways to care for myself and my family.

So that's what is occupying me this week. Oh, and revisions and cold-infested kids (oils from my neighbor have made a huge impact on the colds...thus the digging into it deeper).

As for the revisions, they are not simple little things. They're rearranging levels of the plot, taking out chunks of chapters and chunks of years between past and present. It's been fun. Work. But fun.

Now...off to take care of some real life.

How has your new year begun?

01 January 2014

where the sidewalk ends

When I think of time, I see little squares...like a sidewalk stretching out before me, one square per day. I'm fairly certain this is from looking at calendars all my life: those are seven-square-sidewalks. I can't help it. That's my visual of what time looks like. Not hours, but days, weeks, months...you get the idea. (Hours go around. Yeah, hush now.)

Sometimes those sidewalk squares have grass alongside them, a curb nearby, weeds growing in the cracks, chalk, or ants. Yes. Really. But that part is typically vague. What isn't vague is that they stretch out endlessly. Almost monotonously. Which is odd, if I stop to consider, because my life is a far cry from boring.

As one sidewalk ends and we step across to a new block of sidewalk squares, I want to look at each one as an unopened box of possibility. Every day has something to offer. And we can choose to let those offerings grow us into God-lovers or let them make us arrogant or bitter. Because as surely as we wake up each day, trials will come. And opportunities. It's about what we do with those offerings, and what we let them do to us.

I don't really pick a word or set goals or define resolutions for the new year. But I do consider aspects I'd like to improve in my life. Sometimes specific, sometimes general. And I keep them attainable. Simple. Mostly, I just want to walk down that long sidewalk ahead of me and become stronger. A better me. A more godly woman.

Here's to 365 possibilities!
Happy New Year my friends!

19 December 2013

thankful thursday

My husband is off through the end of next week. I'm loving that. Yes, we'll have some great quality time as a family, but there's, ahem, a honey-do list waiting. I'm jittery with anticipation.

I'm also using this time to catch up on writing--while the kiddos are distracted from their incessant questions and requests. Daddy gets to field those.

Oh yeah. There's also this matter of taking care of myself. Seriously. I have multiple doctor appointments scheduled. My dermatologist took a biopsy yesterday, so in about two weeks I'll have results on that. My podiatrist gave me another shot in my foot. This time in the joint of my pinkie toe. I thought the one in my nerve was bad. But I used my natural child birth breathing and relaxing techniques--and nary a sound left my lips. Well, except breathing. Woot woot!

I've got the girly doctor today and a physical tomorrow. Then whatever blood work is requested, I'll have done next week. Whew...

Thankfully, I can knock it all out sans kids. For real. Every time I sit in a waiting room or in the patient room, I have flashbacks to so many visits gone awry. Like talking to the doctor while nursing a baby. Or hushing a whiny child.

Or the one where a curious toddler opened a drawer and got his hand stuck in a speculum. Yeah, that was one special visit. (Ladies, you know what I'm talking about. Gentlemen, don't bother googling it. You're welcome.)

I'm very thankful for the time to care for myself, for my husband getting down time, my kids getting daddy time. They love it. And there will be tears when he returns to work after more than a week off. But every second of it will be worth it.