06 February 2013

blooming hopes

As I was wooed into the world of writing again, more deeply than ever before, I found myself perusing the blogs of other writers, particularly their blogs about writing. The published kind of writers. They're typically authors of the books I enjoy reading (mainly Christian Fiction). And I found these women approachable, open, willing to share their experiences.

Gradually, my fears of writing and rejection began to shed like a snake skin, knowing that many others have traveled this path I see before me. My confidence grew. I have conversations with myself about growing thick skin (shhh....don't tell anyone I talk to myself!). I won't say I'm as confident and bold as I'd like to be - but at least I'm working on it!

On these blogs I found tidbits about the tools of the trade, the things I need to strive for, look for, work on. And I applied them as I wrote at every opportunity. Then I discovered writer's conferences and suddenly my need to simply write for myself as an outlet of "me time" leaped into a longing to attend one. I have high hopes of finding my way to a particular conference later this year.

And so my little writing world that began on my laptop began expanding its horizons, growing deeper roots within me....

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