25 February 2013


Slowly a bit more feedback has trickled in; enjoyment and constructive suggestions. Good, useful feedback. I am thrilled by this. There is work I need to do on that first manuscript for sure, but it turned out better than I'd ever dreamed it might.

While I wait for a one or two specific people to get back to me, I've found I can't stop writing like I can't stop breathing. So while the first story simmers on a back burner waiting for another level of work, a second story was waiting to be written. The only delimma was that a third cropped up and took over in my mind.

I see these stories like I'm watching a movie, slowly and deliberately playing out, full of details and conversations and heart. I'd already named the important people in book two and had a good idea what it was all about. But every time I sat to write, these other mystery people were living their life in my head instead. Since that third story wasn't letting go so I finally had to name the characters and start putting it on paper.

There were details I wanted to solve in my head before starting but I eventually just sat down and formatted my document. Then I began. And in less than a dozen sentences I understood better why she was doing that and who was affecting her and how it had come to be. It just unfolded in front of me, beneath my fingertips.

And now that I've been through this once, it's a bit more familiar, and I can see where I'm heading more clearly.

I love creating with words. And I can't wait to see how this one ends....

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