18 February 2013


Remember that I said I don't do so well meeting new people? One on one is fine, but I am talking about going to a group setting where I don't know a soul.

In the midst of that waiting and toying with my next story, I began to pay more attention to the email groups on ACFW. One author was coming to Atlanta, not far from me, to speak and do a book signing. She asked to meet any of the locals here. Most of the people on the group were obviously familiar with each other already - and most are published or have been in the writing field for some time in various ways.

I hedged around, pondering, feeling an un-like-me urge to go to this dinner. I said I'd go, got excited, wished for a reason to back out, and was upset when it almost didn't happen. Inside, there was a prodding in my spirit to be there. God was pushing me forward gently. And so I went.

It was a small gathering, perhaps 10-12 people, mostly women, two with a husand along. Some were published authors and some were book club members. And they were warm and welcoming and friendly and Godly. A few whose names escape me; I believe they were with the book club but I am honestly terrible at remembering names.

I sat beside the lovely children's author Betsy Duffey who was gracious and kind and spent time chatting with me. I can't wait for my daughter to be ready to read her books!

I met Alice Wisler, the author who was in town to speak about her new book on grief, Getting Out of Bed in the Morning. I am ready to get my own copy and already found some of her fiction books that look enticing!

And I chatted with the vivacious and welcoming Ane Mulligan who made sure I knew where to find the local group that meets once a week. It was then I wished my kids weren't in karate that night. I would absolutely love to go! Who knows, something might work out. Our God knows how to arrange anything on His heart. I'll leave it to Him.

I enjoyed every moment of my dinner.

(Except maybe the burger I ordered; someone else's meal looked better!)


  1. So glad to see you breaking through! You are going to love this journey!

  2. And I'm delighted you made it! I'll be praying for the Lord to make a way for you to join our local chapter. Who knows, maybe He'll change karate night. Or He may have you wait for another season, but either way, keep connected to us. :)


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