04 February 2013

the beginning


This past year I began to follow a dream I've had for so very long....

I started writing.

A novel.

Let me start at the beginning:
Before having children, I was dabbling with a story and one day the Lord clearly told me to put it down. "Not now."  I felt that there would be a someday for me to return to writing and let it go as He asked. God had reasons for saying that I realize and, looking back, I understand them more clearly. But about twelve years later the need to put words on paper again stirred restlessly within and I heard, "Now. It's time."

That was all it took - and the need to write returned with a passion. Last spring I began pouring words into my little laptop and a story unfolded with the prodding of a few friends who cheered me on. That encouragement took me far and in 9 months time I had a rough draft I was happy to call my own. My manuscript needs work - I have no doubt. But I'm willing to put that blood, sweat and tears into it.

I have found so much joy in my writing, so much peace. It's carved out a space for me that I desperately needed while I care for my four children and homeschool them. It's a haven of its own making.

So now what?
I've met that simple goal of writing a novel. Which is truly all I set out to accomplish. But as I approached the end of the story I had grown to love so much, I discovered my confidence building and a desire to see how far I could take my writing was pushing me onward. And I have another story stirring itself into being right now.

I don't know what that means, nor do I know what God's plans are for my writing. I'm going to keep following this path to find out, though.

Won't you join me? I'd love to have you along!

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  1. In the beginning was the word...And it filled me with joy.


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