18 March 2013


My plans to hit the mountains this past weekend got changed up a little.
Instead, I was offered the chance to use a friend's already-paid-for hotel room while she and another friend attended a conference. After wavering a good bit, I finally agreed since it meant money would not be such a stress to me all weekend (and the whole point was to de-stress!).

We were in Greenville, SC. What a beautiful town! Small city, fun atmosphere, a touch of nature with a river and waterfall a few blocks away...not a mountain getaway, but good enough to give me a break.

I drove up alone and arrived just before my friends got back to the room. We giggled til late like girls at a slumber party. Then I spent Saturday by myself traversing the lovely Main Street, checking out the river and listening to the music that the waterfall made. As I meandered back toward lunch and a huge cemetary, I disovered a street violinist that filled a good bit of my time as well. I found the lilting tunes inpsiring and relaxing as I people-watched. Saturday evening was spent with my friends, laughing until I cried; and Sunday we revisited the violinist until it was time to leave.

I came home with notes and names and ideas for stories. My mind is brimming with new characters and what might happen to them. I feel more visits to Greenville must be in order for the sake of research!

I still want a trip to the mountains, and I will hopefully take one soon. But for today, my heart is a bit less battered, my soul not so weary. I was able to bask in the presense of the One who loves me most, who renews me inwardly, who restores me.

"....He leads me beside quiet waters, He restores my soul."
Pslam 23:2b-3a

How was your weekend? Did you come away feeling refreshed? If so, why?
I would love to hear your thoughts!

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