07 March 2013


Yesterday morning I woke up a bit too early and felt a particular pressing to pray. I prayed for my family, especially my children. My heart was laden with thoughts of them and their day ahead. It was to be a busier day than usual, some new and potentially stressful experiences in store.I needed strength to get through it. So did they.

There were some highs and some lows as morning rolled into afternoon. But we were getting through as I'd hoped. There was extra goodness to be found in the new things which is not always the case. Then as we rode through a particular low point, my world crashed even lower. Truly, almost to the lowest place I can imagine. It was devastating and intensely painful.

It resulted in almost no sleep for me last night, as my mind whirled and my heart ached. It left me shaking, scared.

But God was above it.

Somehow I came out on the other side. We all did. In the dark hours of sleeplessness, a comforting thought rose to meet me. My God knew how yesterday was going to end up. He knew long ago. He knew in the morning when I woke and needed to pray. He knew before I realized what had happened. And He was in place, His hands upon each one of us, His angels on guard, protecting.

And He is still in the midst of it all.

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