05 April 2013


Tonight my sweet five year old and I were talking about how much God loves him and I said "Someday you will ask Him into your heart" (this was once a point of contention when his older sister insisted we must ask, not just want Him there...we had a lengthy chat that day but I never pressed the matter).

So he very nonchalantly answered me, "Oh, I already did that."

"You did? When was that?" To be fair, I was not at all shocked, just excited. It's simply the way he is.

"It was in my head."

I talked about how I'd love to hear him say it and he told me with almost a shrug, "I can say it again....Lord Jesus, come into my heart."

I made sure to mention the need to tell the Lord we are sorry for our sins (a topic I know he is familiar with, and did not need more discussion). He just plainly said, "I'm sorry Lord."

He was so calm, so clearly confident that this matter was taken care of. He has long had a passion for the Lord and I have believed for some time that Jesus was very much alive within my son - after all, he simply believed. He has touched his spirit so genuinely for so long. A dead spirit cannot do that. Only a spirit alive with Christ can generate that much life from within. 

Tonight, I know without a doubt my son is also my brother.

Acts 16:34
"The jailer them into his house and set a meal before them; he
 was filled with joy because he had come to believe in God--he and his whole family."

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