19 June 2013


That leap of faith I took last week when I bought a plane ticket...? The Lord had plans right around the corner that I could not fathom. He astounded me this week. And on a Monday, no less!

I homeschool my kids - all year long. That sounds awful, I know. And sometimes I would heartily agree with you. But, we also take every single Friday off - all year long. Every Friday, I'm relieved we keep the schedule we do.

Monday morning was one of the days when I wished I had the summer off. No one wanted to cooperate on any level whatsoever. I'd turned away a friend wanting to play with my daughter not once but twice because she'd done no school and no chores. She's only in 2nd grade, and I don't believe in heavy workloads for that age. Trust me, she could easily have knocked it out had she just sat down and done it.

And so it went, the ebb and flow of tears and tantrums in my house - not just with her but with all of them. And it poured rain at intervalls in the late afternoon. (We've had SO. MUCH. rain this year. I'm thankful, but the gray days are agonozing for my son who needs more sunshine than most....yeah, happy Monday indeed.)

Between storms, I checked the mail. Normally I stick it all in the mail slot and let my husband deal with it. I managed our finances and paid our bills for the first decade of our marriage - then I handed it over. I find it stressful sometimes not to have my finger in the pie, but when bills come in, I admit I gladly leave them unopened and let him deal with it now.

But this past Monday a couple envelopes were official and unfamiliar. I checked them to make sure nothing was urgent (sometimes the mail sits til the weekend when there's time for him to balance the account). One was from the insurance about recent labs and doctor visits. The other was from the General Attorney of GA. A check. Money owed us from a class action settlement. Money we thought had been paid out in a smaller check and then promptly forgotten about.

I called my husband as he drove home in a growing storm to tell him what had come. His reply: "You know what this means? You can go to the Writer's Conference!"

Just wow. Monday was suddenly not so bad any more.

I had begun the conference registration before I even bought the flight because I couldn't not do it - it was all I could think of the previous Saturday. Now I can finish it and pay (well, once I know for sure how to make certain selections).

I am all aflutter with butterflies in my stomach dancing around.

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