29 July 2013


My heart is crushed by the senseless teasing of kids.

I know - I really, really know - that kids don't always "get it" and typically don't know what on earth to do or say to the other kid when they seem different. But it saddens every single fiber of my being when children lack compassion, kindness, tact. Effort to be nice.

My 12 year old son has Asperger's. His social skills are clumsy and random, yet he craves friendships. Adults find him amazing because he talks on their level comfortably, then often don't understand that this makes life more difficult, particularly at his age. They easily fail to see that his needs and struggles are far deeper than the awkwardness that shows on the surface. You have to know him to understand it. You have to care to see it. And in doing so, you might easily love him. But unless you try - you're just one of the many who skim the surface.

Like the kids up the street.
The kids who teased my son today.
The same kids who invited him out to play 30 minutes earlier.

I was hesitant because they haven't asked him to come out in a long while. When they see him, they often look away - awkward and unsocial in their own right. But they have played with him nicely in the past. They had a basketball - something my son can enjoy. It seemed common ground.

So I was willing to give it a shot, in spite of my hesitation. Instead, I felt the sharp sting of rejection almost as much as he did.

But you know what? 
As my mother and I prayed for my son this evening, and for the kids up the street, we prayed that my son would see and experience The One who never rejects us, who loves and accepts us unconditionally.
And my own heart was comforted by that all-encompassing love. He eased the hurts a mama feels for her child. I love my son so much. But how much more does my God loves my son!


  1. Oh my goodness. Kids can be SO mean. I babysit a special needs child and even though he doesn't talk to me all that much, I feel really protective of him and I'd still get EXTREMELY upset if someone teased him. Believe me, as someone who used to be a bit of a bully, those kids will look back one day and regret the things they've said/done.

  2. Thank you Ashley! I appreciate your compassion. :)


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