29 August 2013

thankful thursday

"In everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you."
1 Thessalonians 5:18 RV

Thankful Thursday is a chance for me to stop and reflect on a few things I'm thankful for each week. I'm not attempting to make or meet a criteria. I'd love it if you would join me! Share what you're thankful for in the comments, or leave a link if you want to do this on your own blog...

tennis balls
I've had a doozy of a migraine this past week, coupled with the end of a cold/sinus infection (my entire FACE hurt, people--that is outside the realm of my migraines). I was texting a friend from another state who happens to be a massage therapist. I explained how awful this migraine was. I was "having migraine hangovers" a couple days later. That's where my original headache was so bad that it's better but still lingering. So fun. Anyhow, she gave me the best tip: a tennis ball in a sock. Throw it over your shoulder (like a continental soldier?) and lean against a wall, massaging your own back. I had to borrow a tennis ball from my neighbor, but I was willing to try anything. I tell you what: I love my husband, but he just cannot find the knots that my migraines cause. This tennis ball brought much relief! I have every intention of buying a can of them to keep stashed in my room, with a one in the car (and a sock, of course) for migraines on the go. LOL.

T minus two weeks and counting...
I leave for my very first writer's conference two weeks from today! (Ecstatic almost touches how I'm feeling.) I've decided it's finally close enough for me to begin the packing of my bags. I've had the outfits carefully under selection (set aside in my closet and rarely worn for a month now), and need to make attempts at pairing them up with the right jewelry, make sure I have minimal shoes to pack. I can expound my packing list, too. I do love a good list. And somewhere in there I need to heartily rewrite my subplot before getting on a plane! 

I have a very dear friend (a sister to me), whose mother is having back surgery today. The one after her car accident a few years ago didn't last. Tomorrow's outlook: "At least 2 surgeons, 7ish hours, replacing all the rods, hooks, and screws, and extending the hardware from the base of her neck to lower back." I will be praying for Brenda today, and in the coming days, as undergoes this delicate operation and the long recovery after. I am so deeply thankful for this woman with a deep faith, a strong love for her Lord Jesus. And I'm also thankful for the Great Physician who will be in charge, the Healing One who will stay by her, the Living God who is life to her! 

What are you thankful for today?

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