10 September 2013

2 days...

...but who's counting, right?

My checklist is almost complete, in spite of growing:
  1. Pick nail polish color. (deep purple if you were curious)
  2. Paint my toes. (and added a pretty decal on the big toe...cause I know you were curious)
  3. Pray.
  4. Make sure all my outfits have the right jewelry.
  5. Set out my travel outfit (ie, make sure it's clean).
  6. Pack my shoes.
  7. Pack alternative outfits (apparently, this was in progress anyway).
  8. Pack my make up/shampoo/toothbrush, etc.
  9. Pray some more.
  10. Smash my pillow into the outside pocket (yes, it fits; I tried already).
  11. Print a dozen "One-Sheets".
    If you want to see my One-Sheet, LEAVE ME A COMMENT BELOW.
    With a little love, I will gladly post it here...come on, you can do it!
    (And if you think you know what it looks like, think again. It got a makeover.)
  12. Make sure I have plenty of business cards to take along.
  13. Add extra business cards.
  14. Polish my proposal.
  15. Finish my synopsis.
  16. Print two copies of my proposal and synopsis--just in case I'm asked. Better to go prepared!
  17. Polish those first five chapters until they sparkle. (Not sure it's ever done...)
  18. Print copies of the various chapters my potential agent appointments are asking for.
  19. Pray and pray and pray. He is sending me, and I want to be in His presence!
  20. Create a different style proposal and synopsis for one of the potential agents 
  21. Print the new style proposal and synopsis before I forget!

    (see--told you I had to add things to my list!)

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