05 September 2013

thankful thursday

"In everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you."
1 Thessalonians 5:18 RV

Thankful Thursday is a chance for me to stop and reflect on a few things I'm thankful for each week. I'm not attempting to make or meet a criteria. I'd love it if you would join me! Share what you're thankful for in the comments, or leave a link if you want to do this on your own blog...

The friend who had back surgery last Thursday? That surgery lasted 14 hours. Not the 7 originally predicted. She has a rod in her back and will "never bend or twist again." But yesterday she sat up on her own. And took her first steps. Our God is truly amazing. Thank You, Lord. Even more, He uses these downfalls in our human body to draw us ever closer to Himself. This sweet sister praises Him, thanks Him, sings her love for Him. It feeds my spirit to hear of this.

One Week!
My suitcase is half-packed, my jewelry in a questionable state of what works (and matches!) and what doesn't. I simply cannot believe I'm leaving on a jet plane in one week! I'm so thankful God's plans are bigger than ours. When I first began writing my story, it poured out of me--FOR me. I had no aspirations beyond finishing a novel. But slowly the Lord placed a desire to pursue more, learn more about my craft. He placed in me the desire to attend the conference, then he placed the money in my mailbox. Now I'm finishing up the final touches to have my manuscript as presentable as I know how to make it. Just one more week!

Okay. I'm not sure how thankful I am for this one yet. It's a learning curve. But yesterday I thought I'd lost my entire rewritten sub-plot. Then I tried to open my back up. I don't think it worked. But I did find my current work again--I'm pretty sure it was there all along and I was looking in the trash pile. Oops! (Please don't tell anyone!) I do like the slews of note cards I can use to summarize each scene and each chapter...it might be addictive. I figure it's good for digging into my synopsis. The formatting is simpler, too. Well, mostly. Like I said, it's a learning curve. But I'm extra thankful I didn't lose all that re-writing!

What are you thankful for today? Please share!

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