31 October 2013


I decided to take the plunge along with thousands of others--and write a novel in a month!
And it starts tomorrow! I think I'm just a little bit crazy for doing this...mostly because I'll be writing a story I've just come up with in the past two days.

I've named her.
I know what he looks like.
They've known each other for years.
From a distance...

He thinks she's a prissy prima donna.
She thinks he's a gun-totin' bike-ridin' redneck.
Talk about a nemesis--and the feeling is mutual.
They habitually stay out of each other's way.

But one joins a dating website.
The other is put on there by a friend.
They both see they're a match before profiles start to vanish.

And then the awkward really starts...

Molly and what's-his-name have a lot to learn about first impressions--and the heart.

I cannot wait to see how this story unfolds.
I plan to post on here how I'm doing--word count, progress, something or other....
Your job? CHEER ME ON (that means lots of comments)! I need the support and encouragement. It goes a long, long way!

And even more fun--feel free to toss me some tension I could add to their mix! I'd love to see your ideas!

29 October 2013

First Impressions

First Impressions is a contest for the unpublished among us...
And it's closing this week!

All you need are the first five pages of your manuscript (which doesn't even have to be finished!). You'll get feedback from multiple judges and agents will be judging the final round.

This year there are TEN categories:

  • Contemporary
  • Historical
  • Historical Romance
  • Mystery/Suspense/Thriller
  • Novella
  • Romance
  • Romantic Suspense
  • Short Novel
  • Speculative
  • Young Adult

If you're an ACFW member, it's a meager $15 to enter. If you're not a member, it's $25.

But like I said, the deadline is looming...Friday, Nov 1 at 4pm (EST) is when this contest closes. There's still plenty of room for entries, so polish your five pages and take the leap.

If you enter sooner rather than later, you'll be given opportunities to fix any formatting issues you might have. Below are a few link to help you out. We follow the same rules as the Genesis Contest, only a smaller scale, so I've included some of their specifics. 

Hurry, hurry! Time's awasting!

17 October 2013

thankful thursday

The unpleasant moments in life are included in the verses that tell us to give thanks always, in everything give thanks, always rejoice...not just the lovely things that come our way.

So...I think I'll practice some of that today:

  • sickness--Sinus infections, chest congestion, whatever it is that's lingering in our house, I'm glad. I can't call in a sub for my homeschooled kids, so we've been forced to take a little break. Mama just can't keep up this week. And sometimes a break is just in order. (Next time I'll schedule a break before we're sick, how's that?) I'm also grateful it's not the flu or something more serious that has attacked our immune system. 
  • more rain--Georgia has seen crazy amounts of rain this year. And we've got more today. Most people are pretty over it. But I love the way it's created a true fall for us this year. My favorite season.
  • rats--Do I even want to admit this? Sigh...yeah, we've had a rat in our house recently. And he avoided every single trap we set--like, moved the snapping ones out of his way and even took a sticky trap back home, presumably stuck to his fur (the others were scattered around more than once). I'm hard pressed to be thankful for that, but I'm trying. Let's see...this might deserve a sub-list: 
    • we think it was only one (I will keep believing that for my own sanity)
    • my husband and daughter saw it first hand, but I didn't (whew!)
    • all possible entry holes are now filled in with that spray foam stuff, something long overdue anyway
    • and the best part: haven't seen hair nor tale of him in 3 or more days (maybe the poison in the crawl space helped?)

So tell me what unpleasant thing you're thankful for this week...I want to know!

10 October 2013

thankful thursday

I'm in a bit of a hurry to just get off the computer, so I'm keeping today's thankfuls a little shorter. Well, I'm trying to anyway. 

  1. Dishwashers--because every time my sink is overflowing with dirty dishes, I'm so grateful I don't need to wash every one of them by hand. Yes, it occurs to me often. Seriously thankful.
  2. Friends--the ones who somehow sense something is just a little amiss and text to check in, to encourage to uplift. Those are precious treasures.
  3. Books--the really spectacular ones that keep you up at night until you're finished reading, tired or not.
  4. Homeschooling--in spite of all the days I wish my God wasn't asking me to homeshcool (yes, I'm human...there are more of those than I will tell you), I am eternally grateful that I can sleep longer, not rush to catch a bus or meet a bus, not fight the homework battle, skip a chapter that bores us, let my kids pursue a subject they're passionate about...the list goes on. 
  5. Feedback--the honest words of a critique that tells you exactly what needs doing, so you can make the story right. Even when it feels like an overwhelming amount of work ahead.

Tell me what you're thankful for today...I want to hear!

04 October 2013

(belated) thankful thursday

Oh no! I missed Thankful Thursday again...
I will start by being thankful it's Friday and that my personal deadlines can be extended for posting this! 

And then I'll keep today simple:
I'm thankful for sixteen years married to my husband. We've danced (figuratively) and trudged our way through this crazy life we live, but every day I'm so glad he chose me to have by his side day in and day out.