31 October 2013


I decided to take the plunge along with thousands of others--and write a novel in a month!
And it starts tomorrow! I think I'm just a little bit crazy for doing this...mostly because I'll be writing a story I've just come up with in the past two days.

I've named her.
I know what he looks like.
They've known each other for years.
From a distance...

He thinks she's a prissy prima donna.
She thinks he's a gun-totin' bike-ridin' redneck.
Talk about a nemesis--and the feeling is mutual.
They habitually stay out of each other's way.

But one joins a dating website.
The other is put on there by a friend.
They both see they're a match before profiles start to vanish.

And then the awkward really starts...

Molly and what's-his-name have a lot to learn about first impressions--and the heart.

I cannot wait to see how this story unfolds.
I plan to post on here how I'm doing--word count, progress, something or other....
Your job? CHEER ME ON (that means lots of comments)! I need the support and encouragement. It goes a long, long way!

And even more fun--feel free to toss me some tension I could add to their mix! I'd love to see your ideas!

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  1. So how's it going 5 days in? Keep going! I can't wait to read it.


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