10 October 2013

thankful thursday

I'm in a bit of a hurry to just get off the computer, so I'm keeping today's thankfuls a little shorter. Well, I'm trying to anyway. 

  1. Dishwashers--because every time my sink is overflowing with dirty dishes, I'm so grateful I don't need to wash every one of them by hand. Yes, it occurs to me often. Seriously thankful.
  2. Friends--the ones who somehow sense something is just a little amiss and text to check in, to encourage to uplift. Those are precious treasures.
  3. Books--the really spectacular ones that keep you up at night until you're finished reading, tired or not.
  4. Homeschooling--in spite of all the days I wish my God wasn't asking me to homeshcool (yes, I'm human...there are more of those than I will tell you), I am eternally grateful that I can sleep longer, not rush to catch a bus or meet a bus, not fight the homework battle, skip a chapter that bores us, let my kids pursue a subject they're passionate about...the list goes on. 
  5. Feedback--the honest words of a critique that tells you exactly what needs doing, so you can make the story right. Even when it feels like an overwhelming amount of work ahead.

Tell me what you're thankful for today...I want to hear!

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