25 November 2013

here kittykittykitty

Our little world just tipped on end.
Or tipped us over and dumped us out--not sure which.

The longing for pets in our house isn't exactly new--it's just typically shut down. And we do have a tank of fish (happy pet solution for mom and dad). Mostly, we're a house laden with allergies--food allergies and pet allergies. If a dog licks my daughter, hives cover her. If she goes to a home with cats, she's a sniffling, sneezing mess, rubbing her nose and miserable--and my husband is even worse, if that's possible.

Now...I'm not a pet person. So her cat and dog allergies have never upset me. They have upset my oldest son with his desperation for a dog. But as much as I hurt for him, I've always been secretly happy I couldn't accommodate the request. (True Confessions of a Mom #183).

This weekend, we had a pet discussion that took an unexpected turn. My son wanted a Bearded Dragon. He's twelve, he's showing a lot more responsibility, and I know a pet would be good for him. Really good. For his heart. And as a mom, I need to take care of the heart of each of my children--after all, God entrusted these special people to me, expecting me to do just that. So I listened to him talk, watching his eyes brighten with the topic. I asked questions, willing to think about it. Then my husband joined us and we talked some more. For the first time, it felt right. Our son was ecstatic. We asked if he could wait for his birthday, which he gladly agreed to (still four months away!).

My daughter, the one with all the allergies, was sitting there listening, excited with him, pondering one of her own. I wasn't past it. They could share a cage. But the conversation got emotional when she realized that holding one wouldn't exactly be a snuggly moment. Heart-wrenching emotional. Like when she discovered she was allergic to horses emotional (I almost pulled over on the highway to cry with her that day). This time, I pulled her into my lap and let her tears drip down my shirt. Twice.

Her little heart is in need. She's denied so much, yet is so strong. My husband discreetly pulled up something on his phone for my opinion. Siberian Cats. They're known to be safer for allergic individuals, though we there are exceptions. We've read about them before, but they've been way out of our price range. This time we saw one kitten deeply discounted because he'd gone past "new kitten" stage between litters--the only way we could even think of buying one. So he called to find out more.

I believe God arranged every moment of that day so we'd be the first ones to call about the kitten. Only one town over. And an allergy test visit showed no reaction--though realistically that could change since she'd been on some medicine. Some things are worth the risk.

Friends, we bought a cat. He will come home in a week or two (the breeder offered to let us get him neutered and heal at her home before we get him to decrease the stress). Afterward, we went to the pet store to get a few things in our excitement. And we bought not one but two Bearded Dragons. It was just...time. It was needed. (Boy, I hope I can handle it all!)

So our plans for a mini-trip next month? Not happening (we're broke!). But my heart is so very rich at the joy in my kids' eyes. They've gone from "not even a possibility" to cat owners and dragon tamer in a few hours. That's huge in this household. Everyone is reeling from the shock.

(Yes. My son owns dragons and calls himself a dragon tamer. They live in a dragon sanctuary. Nothing could suit this boy more. Perfection.)

I'll post pictures soon. But in the meantime, anyone have kitty advice? I've never had a cat and I know nothing but the bits I'm begun reading...

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