21 November 2013

thankful thursday

Life is so full of the unexpected, isn't it?

A couple months after my youngest was born, I began having some pain in my foot. The right Achilles tendon, to be specific, as well as some arthritic-type pains. It was rough and both have flared off and on for, well, almost three years now. I saw a rhuematologist last year who could never solve the achey problem, I found that Glucosomine helps the endless aching. I called that good enough, and she was happy with that solution, too.

The tendon thing, though? Well, it's stayed mostly manageable--especially if I try to keep it still at night. And I did not pursue more help--let's face it, finding childcare or hauling four kids from one doctor to the next is just a pain. Ha!

This past spring, I got funky pains in my toes, and numbness in one. I figured I jammed it and forgot. Sturdy shoes helped. But my sneakers were triggering problems. Walking with my neighbor? Wasn't happening. Treadmill? Wasn't happening. Low exercise became no exercise.

I decided I had old lady feet. Horrible. And then it was suggested I see a podiatrist. Hmmm. Sure, if I could find time. Months rolled by. Flare ups came and went. Then last week I had a list of appointments I needed to make for regular exams and such nonsense. I tacked "podiatrist" to the list. After all, my deductible was met and this was probably inevitable.

They got me in yesterday. Which it probably a good, good thing. I have Achilles Tendonitis. The non-insertional type. That means it's not where the tendon inserts into the bone--it's farther up. Where there's less blood flow. Which can increase risk of rupture. Oops! Yeah, good thing I went in.

And the doctor sent me home with a present:

A selfie of my sassy boot! Yee haw!
I only take it off to drive or sleep. Or shower. In one day, I'm feeling better. Woohoo! Sassy isn't it?  At least I have a black boot for the other foot that keep it less...obvious.

In two weeks, I go back to have it checked. The toe pain? A result of over compensating for the tendon pain. She's addressing one problem at a time. Yeah, it's really good they could see me so fast.

Today, I'm super thankful for this black boot. And the wisdom of the doctor. And the deductible that's already met. And the weeks left in this year to help solve my foot issues. Oh, and Glucosamine.

Your turn: Have you ever worn one of these boots? What for and how long?

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  1. I love the boot. You are seriously styling, cjoy. =)

    Also, I love how you write. I just thought you should know. =)


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