02 December 2013

blast from the past

I dug around on facebook for my High School English teacher this weekend. Her class was always my favorite, and my love of words grew so much during that time. Especially poetry--I began writing a lot of it at that time. And I fell in love with e.e. cumming along the way.

In fact, I met one of my closest friends in that class...yep, you know who you are. What a fabulous Junior year. Our English and History classes were a "team" and we did joint projects, got graded in two classes for one paper, even put on a Vaudeville show (yours truly and above mentioned closest friend were the co-managers of that bit of amazingness, thankyouverymuch!). All kinds of wonderful things. Out of the box, creative learning that fuels my love of that very thing as I homeschool. Hmmm...I never made that connection before, but it's so, so true.

Anyhow, "Mrs. N" has been on my mind this past year or so while I've been working on my novel--she never failed to encourage my writing pursuits all those years ago. When I told her what I've been working on, and why it made me think of her, she remembered me and my love of the written word. How sweet! (I knew she was a great teacher--that or she's a great pretender, but both work just fine for me.)

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  1. That was an AWESOME year! I'm so glad you found her - and not surprised she might remember you. Great teachers remember special students. So thankful our last names are near each other in the alphabet - I hate to think where we'd be otherwise.


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