05 December 2013

thankful thursday

Oops! I just realized it's Thursday! Life's been a tad crazy since yesterday--because we got our cat! There is so much emotional upheaval in our house over that small creature.

Arriving home for the first time.
Louie...he's gorgeous. I mean, he's really and truly beautiful. And we cannot wait for him to fall in love with us. He's spent today hiding under the couch observing the comings and goings--unbeknownst to us! He'd been under a desk for a while, then sauntered off. It was many hours later we found him there, peering our direction. It seems he likes the company and the ruckus, but is still figuring us out. (There are plenty of obscure hide-outs he could have chosen instead.)

A lot of hearts were lightened to know he was in our midst the entire time. And those same hearts are anxious for him to fall equally in love with us--because the love is definitely poured out on him. Watching my daughter in particular, her heart in her eyes as she gazed on Louie, I said to her, "You know how much you love Louie?" A shiny-eyed nod responded. "He hasn't done anything yet to deserve that love, has he? But that doesn't matter. You love him anyway." Again, rapturous agreement. "God is like that. We haven't done anything to deserve His love, but He loves us anyway, even more than you love Louie." I treasured that awe-struck moment. It was so precious. Such a wonderful picture.
Figuring us all out.

The other poignant moment--one that makes me tear up when I consider how many details God had in the works before we even thought of getting a kitten--is what my younger son said: 
"I think God created Louie to be in our family."

Thank You Lord for your deep, prevailing love for us, your children. Thank you for sweet Louie. For creating him to be in our family, and for meeting the needs of my daughter's tender heart with an allergy-safe pet to love.

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