19 December 2013

thankful thursday

My husband is off through the end of next week. I'm loving that. Yes, we'll have some great quality time as a family, but there's, ahem, a honey-do list waiting. I'm jittery with anticipation.

I'm also using this time to catch up on writing--while the kiddos are distracted from their incessant questions and requests. Daddy gets to field those.

Oh yeah. There's also this matter of taking care of myself. Seriously. I have multiple doctor appointments scheduled. My dermatologist took a biopsy yesterday, so in about two weeks I'll have results on that. My podiatrist gave me another shot in my foot. This time in the joint of my pinkie toe. I thought the one in my nerve was bad. But I used my natural child birth breathing and relaxing techniques--and nary a sound left my lips. Well, except breathing. Woot woot!

I've got the girly doctor today and a physical tomorrow. Then whatever blood work is requested, I'll have done next week. Whew...

Thankfully, I can knock it all out sans kids. For real. Every time I sit in a waiting room or in the patient room, I have flashbacks to so many visits gone awry. Like talking to the doctor while nursing a baby. Or hushing a whiny child.

Or the one where a curious toddler opened a drawer and got his hand stuck in a speculum. Yeah, that was one special visit. (Ladies, you know what I'm talking about. Gentlemen, don't bother googling it. You're welcome.)

I'm very thankful for the time to care for myself, for my husband getting down time, my kids getting daddy time. They love it. And there will be tears when he returns to work after more than a week off. But every second of it will be worth it.

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