09 January 2014

something new...

I know it's my day for "thankful thursday"--and I do feel thankful, but I'm just...something. Not sure how to pin point it. Perhaps it's just time for something new. I simply don't know what that is.

I've got a lot on my mind. I'm learning and considering doTerra oils right now--and loving what I see. I've spent no small amount of time this week watching videos, perusing the catalog, digging into their site, asking questions of those "in the know"--and that's just the oils. I haven't even looked at the rest too much.

For years I've wanted to know more, and used a few basic oils for things. I've made my own astringent for my face for some time now and love it. Just witch hazel and a few specific oils. I won't use anything else.

But now I'm fascinated to hear so much beyond my limited knowledge. I love discovering new, natural, healthy ways to care for myself and my family.

So that's what is occupying me this week. Oh, and revisions and cold-infested kids (oils from my neighbor have made a huge impact on the colds...thus the digging into it deeper).

As for the revisions, they are not simple little things. They're rearranging levels of the plot, taking out chunks of chapters and chunks of years between past and present. It's been fun. Work. But fun.

Now...off to take care of some real life.

How has your new year begun?

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  1. Change is definitely in the air. It's something big or maybe small. A breathless hopefulness that if I can just survive the next few crisises or live through the endless mundaneness it will it will be there. For now it remains on the edge of my consciousness, just out of reach, waiting to be realized.


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