01 January 2014

where the sidewalk ends

When I think of time, I see little squares...like a sidewalk stretching out before me, one square per day. I'm fairly certain this is from looking at calendars all my life: those are seven-square-sidewalks. I can't help it. That's my visual of what time looks like. Not hours, but days, weeks, months...you get the idea. (Hours go around. Yeah, hush now.)

Sometimes those sidewalk squares have grass alongside them, a curb nearby, weeds growing in the cracks, chalk, or ants. Yes. Really. But that part is typically vague. What isn't vague is that they stretch out endlessly. Almost monotonously. Which is odd, if I stop to consider, because my life is a far cry from boring.

As one sidewalk ends and we step across to a new block of sidewalk squares, I want to look at each one as an unopened box of possibility. Every day has something to offer. And we can choose to let those offerings grow us into God-lovers or let them make us arrogant or bitter. Because as surely as we wake up each day, trials will come. And opportunities. It's about what we do with those offerings, and what we let them do to us.

I don't really pick a word or set goals or define resolutions for the new year. But I do consider aspects I'd like to improve in my life. Sometimes specific, sometimes general. And I keep them attainable. Simple. Mostly, I just want to walk down that long sidewalk ahead of me and become stronger. A better me. A more godly woman.

Here's to 365 possibilities!
Happy New Year my friends!

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