11 April 2014


I had two appointments today, and I double booked them:
One was an appointment for an MRI, the other was with Jesus.

(Yep, I double booked on purpose.)

See, I'd never had an MRI done, and had no idea what to expect other than what I've seen on TV (think metal trying to pop out of someone's chest...haha!). My reason for going was not a big deal. But I did imagine being inside a long tunnel for half an hour--have I mentioned I'm claustrophobic?

I didn't ask for meds to survive that thirty minute stretch because someone suggested using the time to pray. I was delighted at the idea of uninterrupted prayer time. Seriously. Praying with four kids in the house--at any hour--is much like going to the bathroom with four kids in the house. You're likely to be interrupted by someone. Even if it's a cat who thinks it's time for a social visit or breakfast at 4am. Yes, really.

So, I braced myself for closed eyes in a tunnel for half an hour with Jesus. Instead I got a lots of noise and half of a tunnel with Jesus. (I did come away with a headache, but that was strictly the jack-hammering of the machine.)

And what I found was a sweet, intimate conversation with my Lord. We've been doing that a lot recently. Talking. Conversing, Covering the things on my heart and His. If it matters to Him, it should matter to me. And I know already that He cares about what concerns my heart.

Instead of purring in my ear, I really did have a monumental blasting sound. But it didn't want to fed or belly-rubbed and it didn't try to crawl into bed with me, so it was blessedly uninterrupted time.

I need more of that. Not MRI's, but the time with the Lord. That time to simply be in His presence. I treasure it. And so did He. I'm ready to schedule that time, make it an appointment. Preferably someplace alone. But even at home, it's worth the effort.

(ps...I do not have results from the MRI yet)