30 May 2014

random uses for a cast

I recently (as in this week) found myself the...host? owner? wearer? recipient?...of my very first cast. On my leg. My right leg, that is.

My driving foot is enclosed in fiberglass for the next 4-6 weeks. (Cabin fever anyone?)

I had surgery (last week) on a torn tendon and other weirdness, and this was the result. Seriously, when my doctor said "surgery," I was surprised. When she said I'd wear a cast for a month at least, then a walking boot again (remember that from months ago? Yes...same issues, only we've finally found the source of the problems), plus have physical therapy for a while--well, I nearly fell off the chair with its footstool covered in cute feet-imprinted paper.

So now I'm in the throes of adjusting to helplessness and cumbersome, limited movement around my house. And in my sleep. With sparks of pain to keep it interesting (thankfully the pain is limited). I'll get it worked out, though. Never fear.

In the meantime, I needed a little humor. So I am working on a list of, uh, uses for a cast. Stay tuned, because I hope to add to this list in the weeks ahead. And please, by all means, add some suggestions of your own! Let's see how many we can come up with.

random uses for a cast
 1. scratching post for a cat
 2. canvas for crayon artwork
 3. exfoliation for the other foot
 4. emergency nail file
 5. shield of protection for falling knives
 6. door stop
 7. part of a Halloween costume
 8. prop for little toys to play on
 9. display mannequin for scarves

Leave a comment with some fun suggestions of your own!
I'll be sure to post again with any new additions.

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  1. book stand, tv tray table, leg insulator when the laptop gets hot, the possibilities are endless!


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