18 June 2014


For the fun of it, I promised to add to my list of uses for a cast...today seemed appropriate because I got the first cast off and a fresh one on. Two more weeks of crutches and knee-scooters, then I can walk once more. (Can. Not. Wait.)

random uses for a cast

(first post:)
 1. scratching post for a cat
 2. canvas for crayon artwork
 3. exfoliation for the other foot
 4. emergency nail file
 5. shield of protection for falling knives
 6. door stop
 7. part of a Halloween costume
 8. prop for little toys to play on
 9. display mannequin for scarves
(today's add-ons, first three thanks to Kim:)
10. book stand
11. tv tray table
12. leg insulator when the laptop gets hot
13. cash stash
14. pen holder
15. self-defense
16. flower vase
17. sword sheath
18. pocket to carry things from room to room
19. showcase for polished toes that stick out
20. an excuse to put your feet up

I'll be back in just a few days with some insights into my writing life and a chance to meet some other writers! See you then...

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