27 February 2015

mama's migraine mix

I've been digging deep into essential oils lately. And the more I dig, the deeper I want to go. I love them...like I really LOVE LOVE them. So, you're going to find me talking about this more and more. Please ask me questions--I love to talk oils.

First of all, my migraines are much easier to manage--I can't manage the weather or hormaones that trigger them, or the funky lights that make them worse (I miss real, incandenscent lightbulbs...*sniff sniff*), but I can manage the pain better than every before in my life.

Here's a fun "recipe card" for my own blend of migraine oils. I have created this blend myself with trial and error. It's been amazing. Rather than chugging a Dr. Pepper and half dozen Motrin (yes, a half dozen) every time a migraines slammed me, I now roll this bit of magic over my pain. It takes repeat rolling, true, but every time it eases up. Sometimes I still need three Motrin, I won't lie. But not even half my migraines require it. My stomach thanks me. (And my doctors are relieved. So is my ER nurse brother who panicked when I told him what I normally had to take!)

One of my worst migraines recently had me shutting of lights begging for silence (Ha! I have four kids, remember??) and wishing the nausea didn't make it so much worse. I oiled and oiled and oiled. Then I turned a heating pad on low and snuggled up into my bed.

And kept wishing for silence.

It took a little while, I won't lie. But I got up and made dinner without issue.
And the migraine did NOT make an encore performance.
Nor did the Motrin come to visit.

(There is a premade Tension Blend to help with headaches as well.)

Do you suffer from migraines? I'd love to chat and tell you more.

I'll be back soo to talk oils some more!
Have a lovely weekend.