15 July 2017

of life and rides

Sometimes life takes you on a ride.

My life is often like that. And my recent ride has kept me so much busier than usual. For everybody's sake, I'll skip the details and cut to the chase: I've missed my little blog over here and hope to pop in more often.

A few itty bitty updates:

I'm nearing the end of my third novel. The closer I get the more ideas I have for what comes next. I'm craving more time to spend on writing, but what did I say about life and busy and rides? Yeah, that. But somehow I've managed to squeeze out thousands and thousands of words around the busy, and it keeps me happily bouncing along.

Also, I've created a homeschool writing course for high schoolers. I'm quite excited about it and praying this venture will grow in just the right places to meet some needs for my family.

Now my busy self is off to create a flyer to advertise this course...

Hope to be back soon!