essential oils

In my efforts to make healthy choices for my family, I've discovered essential oils. For many, many years they fascinated me, but good oils and good information were hard to come by. I remember googling questions I had about oils and not finding quality information. Or quality oils, apparently.

It turns out, essential oils are commonly diluted with fillers and called "pure"--and there are no regulations to stop that. What a mess. Especially if you have allergies or sensitive skin! (I've known people to get chemical burns from drug store quality essential oils.) 

DōTERRA solved that problem for me. They are a Certified Therapeutic Grade Oils, and the FDA even approves ingestion on many of their oil (just not oils that shouldn't be taken internally anyway). The moment I realized that they had so many uses and the vastness of essential oils lay at my finger tips--well, I was hooked. My entire family uses them for any number of reasons. The longer we have them in our home, the happier we are. 

For myself, I've been able to get better control of my asthma and hormones. 

After more than five years of taking Prilosec for chronic, silent reflux, my husband no longer needs it. The few flare ups he gets are easily managed. He is in awe, and so am I.

My children love using a blend of oils for cuts and scrapes, and ask for oils to relieve symptoms of illness. I love that I'm not pouring pharmaceuticals into them when the stomach virus or a cold hits. And when they're stressed or anxious about something, all four of them know there's an oil that helps them relax--they each have a favorite. Not to mention the personalized blends that help various members of our family sleep better.

I've even begun cleaning my home with them--I feel so good about having chemical-free, safe and natural ways to take care of my family. I'd love to help you find oils that could make a difference for you're family, too! You're welcome to ask questions here, join my facebook page Let's Talk Oils, or email me. Above, you'll even find tab that will help you sign up if you're read to do it now. 

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