book love

Books and authors and words oh my!
I have favorites and unfavorites and millions in between the two.
This page will be an ongoing effort to share the authors whose stories I crave and the books that make me feel good and feed me where it counts....

Robin Jones Gunn
I first truly wanted to be a writer after reading the Christy Miller books when I was a teen. I wanted to craft a story that inspired someone and gave them hope...She's written many books for women since that time and I feel I've grown up with her stories. In recent years my favorites include: Sisterchicks in Wooden ShoesCanary Island Songand Sunset Beach. Most recently Victims of Grace touched my heart, weaving Robin's own life into a beautiful tapestry showing God's grace.

Dee Henderson
I'm drawn to suspense as well, and Dee Henderson's novels meet that want on the perfect level for me. I've read them all....The O'Malley's in particular are among my favorite reads. Her books are nearly impossible for me to put down (I need to end the suspense so I can sleep - haha!).

Meg Mosely
Wow. Once I got lost in the first book, I was sucked into the beautiful vortex that is Meg's voice and her incredible story world. I've read them all, When Sparrows Fall, Gone South, and A Stillness of Chimes, and in less than one week. I determined then and there that I want to be like her when I grow up. Truly, she weaves depth into her stories that I can only hope to achieve one day.

Rachel Hauck
Talk about a satisfying story! I need to read more of her books and learn from them. Wonderful, wonderful! I've recently read Once Upon a Prince and am anxious for the next one in the series, Princess Ever After.

Debra White Smith
This is another author I've enjoyed--both her fiction and her nonfiction books. I loved reading about the Seven Sisters and then her modernized Jane Austen stories. After that, I was touched by her very real books about caring for you marriage, Romancing Your Husband and Romancing Your Wife.

Erynn Mangum
Erynn's books are a lovely, light read. I can count on settling in for a quick escape with one of her well-written stories. I've thoroughly enjoyed Maya Davis and Lauren Holbrook so far, finding Sketchy Behavior a fun deviation. I need to dig into the newest series about Paige, and soon!

Julie Klassen
If I'm honest, historical is not my first pick of books, though I do read them and enjoy them on occasion. Julie Klassen's  The Lady of Milkweed Manor is among my favorite reads (wow!), and I've enjoyed some of her others as well. Next time I'm in the mood for historical, I'll probably snag another of her titles.

Kristen Heitzmann
Another suspense author--I've read several of her books and can't wait to go back for more. She's got the ability to woo me into her stories and keep me guessing. Gotta love that!

Beth Vogt
I stayed up until about 4am reading Wish You Were Here...and that was the second time around. I can't wait to pick up her other stories!

L.M. Montgomery
Tell me who didn't want to be a little red-headed orphan after devouring Anne of Green Gables and the entire series? I still dream of it, red doesn't look good on my head, and I look too much like my parents to be adopted.

Leave me a comment and tell me your favorite authors and books--I'd love to check them out!

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