the "joy" story

There is a sweet story about the name Joy in my family.

My mom is the tenth of eleven children. Many years ago, an older friend of hers found out that her middle name is Joy.  This friend was sweetly surprised and said, "Your mother must have really loved life to name her tenth child Joy!"

And yes, my grandma really did. She loved life, and she loved her children whole-heartedly.

Later, my mother chose Joy as my middle name for that very reason--she loved life.

That resonated deep inside me, and when my youngest daughter was born, I chose Joy as part of her name, because I also love life.

What I like most about this is that we didn't pass down a family name. We passed down the sentiment that we love life, that life is special and important.

But really, there is One who is Life--the very God who created life in the first place. He is the source of joy and life to all who open to Him. We can choose to have his Life within us. That, my friends--that is the real legacy worth passing down.